Goodbye Scott

It is with great sadness that I learned on New Years Day of the passing of a friend and former team mate, Scott Glynn M.B.E.

I've seen a lot of tributes paid to Scott over the last few days for his charity work, hilarious after dinner speeches and simply his all round nature. I wanted to add a few words of my own in Scott's memory as there are a few stories about him and I that few people will not know.

We met through the wonderful sport that is rugby at Ross High R.F.C. and when I played in the youth academy, Scott was always a big character in making all the kids feel a real part of our club. The real show of the man though came when I, at the age of 22, was elected as President of Ross High R.F.C. It was a safe to say that it was a baptism of fire for me and I learned a huge amount from the experience but the support and guidance Scott gave me at that time was massive. When my time came to an end, and Scott himself took the reins, I was feeling incredibly low and very much like a failure. I will always remember the conversation Scott had with me one night though and without going into too much detail, I left the club that night feeling the exact opposite. His words were around how brave I was in the first place taking on such a position at my age, how I should always have faith in myself and never regret trying anything, it's not trying things that you should regret - plus may more words to that effect. I like to think I have done a lot of 'managerial' type things in my life since then, and most to a decent standard, but that time shaped me hugely and Scott was certainly a big part of that.

There are other examples which springs to mind and one is when I played at Broughton. Scott was speaking at the end of season dinner and I was a bit nervous actually as I had left Ross High the season before - in all honesty, in a bit of a huff. I wasn't sure what reception I would get but in typical Scott fashion, I was the butt of may jokes and actually some really warm compliments too. That said a lot about the man and his love for the sport, not just one club.

In later years, I of course set up the business and Scott was one of the first to show real genuine faith in me. As most of you will know, he set up a charity (Walk With Scott Foundation) and they were hosting their first annual black tie event. Scott was looking for a photographer to do a 'red carpet' style entrance for the guests and he asked me to do it. I only had very limited experience at the time and it was mostly in sport and landscape so it was a real leap of faith from him - which thankfully for us both, paid off. That for me showed that Scott was prepared to give anyone a chance when he felt they needed it and I will always be grateful for that opportunity.

I could go on and on about stories I have about Scott but I will simply end by saying if I can leave half the mark on this world that he did before my time is up, I will be a very happy man.

Rest easy Scott!


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