We're all going on an Autumn Holiday!

I'm about to set off on my usual Autumn trip round the Scottish Highlands but this year, I'm going to spread the net a bit further. As some of you will know, I typically head up to the Aviemore area at this time of year and spend a few days there however this year, I've decided to take in much more of the country.

My loop will be heading to Aviemore, Inverness then Skye followed by going down the west coast before passing through The Borders before arriving home. I think this will take me about 5 days and weather permitting, I'm hoping to capture some great images from this time so look out of updates.

I'll also taking my new video camera with me to experiment a bit so hopefully I'll manage to produce something worthy of a watch. We'll see how that goes!

Thanks as always for your interest.


#Scotland #Highlands #video #holiday #photos

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