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I had the absolute please on Saturday to be the photographer for the Walk With Scott Foundations annual 'Scotters Ball'. Scott has been a good friend of mine for many years and has been a good source of advice in whenever I've needed it so it is always nice to work with him in this way. That being said however, there are many other great people involved in the foundation and the work which Karen, Blair, Colin and Alan do makes this a really professional setup.

The Foundation came about from and idea Scott had and he describes his journey as:

For my 50th Birthday I thought I would do something different. I decided to walk around the 6 Rugby Clubs in East Lothian and put a collection tin on the bars in each Club, then collect them a few months later and split the money between chosen charities. It then turned into a challenge to walk around the Rugby Clubs AND play a game of rugby on arrival at each Club, and, as a result, WALK WITH SCOTT was born!...and in 2017 we achieved our Foundation status..and we became


Walking just over 57 miles and playing 6 games of Rugby in just 2 days.

In the last 6 years, 6 Walks later, we have helped 50 charities and have raised over an astonishing £250,000!

Scott has his health challenges this year, which many of you will know about, however despite this, he still managed to put on a great show with his famous Shoe Box Raffle amongst other things. It was this kind of spirit and sheer determination that was one of the reasons earlier in the year he became Mr Scott Glynn M.B.E.

Lastly, I would like to thank Sam, my photography partner, who gives up his time to provide more images and his expertise. Sam often goes unrecognised in these type of events as the business is in my name but he is an accomplished photographer in his own right and I never take his assistance for granted.

The images are available for free download and sharing by clicking HERE

We all look forward to next year.


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