I'm Back!

Hi everyone,

You'll notice that things have been a bit quiet recently on the blog. There are a few reasons for that which I'll go into shortly but as there has been such a gap, I've decided to take the opportunity to move to more up to date blog technology so I'm hoping you see a difference in your experience.

Over the summer, I have taken on a role in my local rugby club to work on youth development. A subject that as many of you know is quite close to my heart. This has taken quite a lot of time and effort over the last 2 or 3 months and monopolised much of my spare time but things are now beginning to settle down on that front so I'll be spending a bit more time with the camera in hand shortly.

Also, following on from recent experimental work, I have decided to get involved in videography too. Although photography is still my main driver, I like the idea of the different experiences video can give you. I have added a new section to the site to share my work as this develops and like my still image work, I'm hoping you'll see a significant improvement over time.

As the end of this month, I am taking a driving holiday around Scotland to go to places I have never been before and hopefully capture some good images (and footage too now). Watch this space over the coming weeks for new new material.

In November, I have also been booked for a repeat corporate function to again work with the excellent local Charity, Walk with Scott Foundation. Last year, this was an excellent night and a lot of money was raised for a very worthy cause. I look forward to working with Scott and the team again this year.

Thanks for taking the time to read this as always.


#WalkWithScott #Video #Rugby

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