Nobody's Perfect - Not Even ME!

I travelled this week for a few days in the Cairngorm National Park with my Dad and Brother fully intending to make the most of the Scottish landscape with some great images. Alas though, it was not to be the case - and not just because of the weather!

Coincidentally, in my latest issue of 'A Beginners Guide to Photography', I wrote about preparation for outdoor photography and even included a checklist - so I should actually practice what I preach! When I unpacked my kit upon arrival in Braemar, I discovered that I brought the wrong camera body for the batteries I had! It was a bit frustrating but my Brother suggested a great remedy by using Amazon Prime to get new batters on Next Day delivery - but that wasn't possible in Highlands (which is a story for another day).

Not to be deterred though, I actually found it quite refreshing to just have my phone camera and see what images I could get. The weather was pretty grim so even if I had one of my better cameras, I wouldn't have fancied my chances for getting any great landscapes shots but it really did get me back to basics. I'll let you be the judge of the outcomes though.

As I always say, learn from your mistakes and done make the same one twice so hopefully you'll never read about this again but it's safe to say, I'll be double checking that in future!


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