International Women's Day

As its International Women's Day today, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thanks all the great women who have been involved in the setup and ongoing support of the business.

When I was thinking about setting this up back in 2016, it was going to be a total leap of faith and I wasn't sure if firstly, my images were any good, and secondly, if it was going to be financially viable for me and simply wasn't just a vanity project.

I have always appreciated and been humbled by the support I have received throughout this time. There has been a dedicated Thanks page on the site since day 1 but today, I wanted to give a special mention to those women who without their involvement, I am in no doubt, I wouldn't be where I am today.

In no particualr order, they are:

Rosalind Kenny - My Mum! Simply put, I wouldn't be the man I am today without her, never mind this business.

Shelley Thomson - From Day 1, Shelley has believed in me from the start and has been unwavering in her support. She has been with me every step of the way and taken a real interest. Shelley has also taken an active role in giving me development ideas, particulalrly around marketing which have been invaluable.

Vicky McLeod - For allowing me the honour of photographing her wedding to Dave so I could learn how it was done. That was the biggest single show of faith that I have encountered.

Sarah Hunter - For always showing an interest in what I do and giving me suggestions that would have never have known of, or come across. I know when I get a compliment from Sarah, it's very well earned!

Michelle Hutchison - for being my first ever customer of my larger all mounted work - which is still on display in house to this day.

Thanks very much to you all and also the hundreds of women who follow what I do via this site, Facebook and Instagram.


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