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Having been through quite a few learning experiences and challenges since starting this business, I have decided to write some of that down and am currently working on three separate projects which I hope will give you all a better insight into photography and also, avoid making the same mistakes as me if you wish to get into the business.

The first, and main project I am undertaking is to produce a regular bite size publication which is intended to be consumed in small chunks to get people started in photography. Although there is a small fee for this, that is to simply cover production costs so I hope you don't see that as a blocker. These publications are also free to anyone who is on the mailing list as they are sent out with SNAPSHOT, the monthly newsletter, when available. The first two issues are now available in the Book Store.

I am also in the process of writing two books which I will reveal the nature of nearer their publication dates. I will say though that they are of course both heavily photography based so I am hoping you will all like them if you are interested. This is the first time I have embarked on writing projects to this level so I am excited about the prospect of pulling together works that will outlast me I'm sure. I aim to have the first book availble by late summer and the second just in time for Christmas 2019 so watch this space.

Don't worry though, I will still be continuing to take plenty of quality images during this time as I am certainly not turning my back on the very thing which I know and love - and the main reason you all pay such an appreciated interest.



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