Another Great Charity Day

Today was another great day for me taking photographs at a corporate event where staff from my employers Aegon UK were handing over the remaining charity donations from their annual fundraising. In addition to the sizable sum donated to the Michelle Henderson Cervical Cancer Trust last week, this week, 3 equally stunning and rewarding charities were in receipt of more significant donations.

These charities are:

Strathcarron Hospice

Alzheimer's Research UK

SANDs Lothians

I've added links to their respective pages so you can see the excellent work they undertake.

As with last week, it was very humbling to be around such impressive people but I also want to say that the biggest notable achievement which jumped out at me today was that a local East Lothian man and colleague, John Moos, has been involved in this type of event for 29 years now. That is a huge selfless commitment from John and it warrants a special mention for the hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more, that he has facilitated in raising for excellent causes.

I always enjoy these events for different reasons but mostly, it gives me a great opportunity to see good coming from bad circumstances so credit to everyone involved.



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