Gift & An Early Start

This weekend, I was given a really nice gift of a personalised leather camera strap. I'd actually had my eye on one of these for quite a while now so I was delighted with the gift and it is right up my street in terms of style! I couldn't wait to get it on the camera and take it our for a spin!!

This morning, the strap got its first outing at a rare lunar event that is not scheduled again for another decade. That being a Super Blood Wolf Moon visible from East Lothian in Scotland so after checking the weather forecast before going to bed, the alarm clock was set for 4am!

For those of you who know Scotland at this time of year, it is freezing so I had to scrape the car before I could drive to a location with minimal light pollution - that certainly woke me up!!

Once I got to my location and parked up I ventured out the car in the -5 degree conditions and hoped I wouldn’t be spotted from a nearby house as it looked a bit suspicious I'd imagine! For those of you who tried to take these images yourself, you'll know that taking pictures of the moon is particularly difficult as the light which bounces into the camera causes a lot of flare. I didn't have any filters with me either so that made it an even more difficult challenge.

The moral of the story here is to make sure you prepare for any shoot - not matter how quick you think it will be!!!

I have actually done a bit of homework on this and found about exactly why this event has such a strange name and it is made up of 3 parts:

Super: This relates to how close the moon visually looks as it appears larger in the sky - although it didn’t in East Lothian!

Blood: This because the Moon itself appeared red. This is because of Earth’s atmosphere only allowing the red light end of the spectrum through the atmosphere and dispersing the blue thus appearing red.

Wolf: Although this isn’t a strict scientific term, each month has a name for the full Moon believed to have been given by farmers. January's full Moon is named a Wolf because that is during the wolf's typical mating season and therefore they are very vocal at this time.

As I tend to do at this time of year, I'm struggling for inspiration on the cold dark nights. This was a very well timed event to get me out with the camera but if you have any ideas for subject matter, please get in touch as I'd be delighted to hear from you.



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