Charity Event Presentation

Today, I was asked to take a few images at a charity presentation for cancer charity and I have to say, the more I found out about both the charity and the the person I was taking images of, the more impressed and humbled I became.

The charity was the Michelle Henderson Cervical Cancer Trust and it was Michelle's father, Willie, who was there in person to receive the donation. I was particularly touched by the moving speech Willie made in thanking everyone for the donation but also the sense I got of his determination to continue doing excellent fund raising work in his late daughters name.

I would strongly encourage you to have a look at the charity if you could spare a few moments as to see good coming out of such tragic circumstances is admirable. Willie continues to do more fund raising work and is going on a trek in the Sahara in the next few days - very admirable for a man who is now in his mid 70's!

It's days like this which put things in perspective and also encourage me that some good can come out of very bad things.


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