New Year.... New Logo

As I always strive to give a more professional service to you all, whether you are paying customers or purely have an interest, I have decided to make some fundamental changes to the website and the most noticeable of that us undoubtedly the new logo.

The previous logo will always be very special to me as it was the first proper branding of the business. Because of this, it will no doubt still crop up from time to time but I felt it looked a little dated and I wanted a brand that looked more contemporary.

I worked with a photography company, Think Photo, to produce the logo and I was delighted with the results from them. You'll see in the image on the left how different the two logos are and I'm particularly pleased with that.

This week, I will be publishing the 2018 review of the business, including the financial results, as I want this to be very transparent as I feel you have played a significant role in shaping. Because of this, I am keen to let you in on my thought processes and my vision for a business in which I see you all as stakeholders.

I also introduced two member of the team earlier in the week. Sam and Pete have both been providing me with excellent support over the last few years and I wanted to make their roles more formal so that they get the credit they deserve for the part they have played in establishing the business. You never know, you might see them posting in the blog or on the site themselves one day!

There have been a lot of people who have played a key role in this business though, whether it be honest critique of my work, emotional support or simply taking a keen interest in my work. There has been a Thanks section on the website for some time now however, at this time of reflection, I feel the time is right to point your attention to this. To each and every one of them, I am grateful!

Please look out for my review of 2018 over the weekend but again, thanks for the support and I hope we all have a really successful 2019 together.


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