My Weekend

Last night, I had a great time at the Walk With Scott charity ball. As I've mentioned a few times over the last couple of weeks, I've been particularly keen to make a real success of this and I've put in quite a lot of practice so that I could get the lighting right in challenging conditions. It's a great cause and people had made a real effort so I knew I had to really step up and reflect that effort.

Thankfully the weather was kind and that made things a little easier. The results have been well received so I'm really pleased to have another happy customer, but more importantly, that everyone enjoyed their night overall.

I had help from a friend, and now colleague, Sam Hood last night. Sam is an extremely competent photographer in his own right and was also keen to help the charity and make sure we covered as many aspects as we could. That meant we could do indoor and outdoor shots at the same time so I am very grateful to Sam for his help and creative input.

I'll be turning my attentions to Christmas over the coming days and weeks now by promoting the business and hopefully selling some products to people looking for a high quality and rare gift for friends and family. Keep an eye out for updates on that.

Thanks for your ongoing support, 2018 has been an incredible for the business and I couldn't do this without your interest and support!


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