Out & About This Weekend

This weekend, I've got a couple of good photo opportunities coming up so watch this space. 

On Saturday, I'm getting a behind the scenes tour of the Scottish Parliament. It's a building that is still very polarising as some people see it as an over proceed concrete block in a historic part of the city whilst others (like me) see it as a modern take on architecture and a building of its time in the same way as Holyrood Palace is. 

I'm hope to capture some nice images that will show that there is fantastic detail in the building and very subtle nods to our history. I'll also be with one of my friends, who is an excellent photographer in his own right, so that will give me a fresh perspective in more ways than one!  

On Sunday, I'll be having a very different experience at the Mens 10K in Edinburgh. Normally, I'm at the start line in full running gear myself for these events but after a recent run, I've decided 10K is not too long a distance for my rugby damaged knees! 

That being said, it's another opporitunity for me to get different images, particualrly of the finish line at Murrayfield. My brother and two friends are taking part in the even so even if the weather isn't too kind, at least I'll still have an interest!

Look out for the images next week and let me know what you think!



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