'Scotters' Ball

I'm delighted to announce that I have been booked to do the photography for a great event, and cause.

As some of you will know, Scott Glynn, a local stalwart to East Lothian, founded Walk With Scott Foundation to raise money for a series of good causes. This has gone from strength to strength so far raising over £250,000 for 50 charities in their tenure.

Scott has had a very public heath scare recently but the way he approached this, and thankfully his subsequent recovery, was beyond superlatives - even for me! I've known Scott, and his family for a good number of years and like many, was delighted to see his recovery.

The reason I labour this point is because during these dark days for Scott, his charity work never wavered and he was he was incredibly selfless during this time, even structuring the charity in a way that would remain in place if the worst did happen. Thankfully it didn't and Scott remains at the helm with his usual wit and vigour!

It is with this in mind that I am humbled and proud to be asked to get involved in the 1st of hopefully many annual fundraising charity balls in November. I'm sure a great night will be had by all and more funds raised for these great causes.

If you get a moment, it's certainly worth familiarising yourself with the great story this is.


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