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This week, I have been out and about as promised and so far, I have spent most of my time in West Lothian and Central Scotland.

I have visited the historic and iconic Linlithgow Palace and the equally iconic but more modern Kelpies. Those two sites certainly lived up to my expectations but whilst visiting them, I also noticed signs for two other locations.

The first being Cairnpapple Hill which is a an ancient site believed to date back to circa 3,800 BC. IT wasn't highly photogenic but that is one of the joys of photography that you can discover places you never knew existed.

On a more poignant note, and the highlight of my day was stumbling across the Scottish National Korean War Memorial. The reason it was poignant was because one of my Grandfathers fought in that conflict and there is a memorial bench dedicated to his regiment, The Black Watch. Never having known it was there, it was a nice to come across and I would recommend that you visit the place if you can. It's set in lovely countryside and very peaceful.

I also finished the day on Tuesday with a lesson in Studio photography and my first work with a model so that was a real learning curve. I was really pleased with some of the shots I got but certainly acknowledge that I have much more to learn in that field.

For the rest of this week, I have trips to Lochleven Castle, a boat trip in the Forth and a visit to Blackness Castle. We'll see what other gems I can find along the way.

A selection of my images so far are in the galleries so please feel free to have look.



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