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A bit of a landmark has been hit on the Cribbes Photography Facebook page overnight and we have now passed the 575 'Likes' which makes me particularly proud - especially as 70% of those likes are from people who are not connected through my personal page. My work really seems to be striking a chord with people recently and I am delighted by this.

The Instagram numbers are also increasing at a similar rate with now over 325 people following the page there.

The website has also had a strong hit rate recently and is getting close to the 7,000 unique hits now so again, this is really encouraging.

Although these numbers are great to see, I am more pleased by the interest of late in my work. The customer contact and feedback is becoming more frequent and that is definitely giving me the encouragement to press on with this and try new things. If there is anything you'd particularly like to see, please must let me know via the Contacts page.

Thank you as always for your support and interest in what I do, it makes all this worthwhile.


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