Summer Photography Walks

As you all know, I'm always looking at ways to improve what I offer my customers and also expand the business into other aspects of photography. Therefore, today, I am delighted to announce that I am lauching a pilot programme in June and July where I will be offering photography walks around Edinburgh.

These walks will either consist of a 5 hour daytime walk taking in some of Edinburgh most iconic sights and also a shorter 3 hour evening walk around similar locations. As I'm a local lad, I will also be giving a unique experience of talking through some of the hisory of Edinburgh as we go round so that my customers will also get added value. If you are interested in this, bookings can be made via the website or by using this link:

If this proves to be a success, I will extend the programme to take in the Edinburgh Festival and other notable event in Edinburgh and the Lothians so watch this space. Finally, if someone is looking for a bespoke walk to be arranged, whether that be for a holiday group or even just a couple looking for a more intimate experience, please get in touch using the contacts form and I'd be happy to discuss options with you.

Again, I'd like to thank you all for your support and interest. That goes for you all from those who take the time to have a look at the website to those who buy my images or services.


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