Sports Photography

Last night, I has the pleasure or listening to  Ross Parker of SNS Photography give a lecture on sports photography. As some of you will know, sports photography is my favourite genre as it gives you so many options and you cannot set up any shots in advance. If I'm being honest though, most sports photography lectures are pretty similar in that they talk about position and camera settings. 

So I went along last night expecting the 'same old' type of lecture but I was pleasantly surprised at the talk Ross gave. Not only did he discuss with us, The standard shots, but he told the stories behind how the pictures were taken - not the camera settings. Furthermore, it was good to hear his 'behind the scenes' experiences from some major sporting events and what it's like to interact with professional athletes.

If you get a chance to listen to Ross, I'd strongly recommend you take it, even if sport isn't your thing.


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