Progress Continues

I just wanted to post a thank you to you all for your support and interest over the last few months and years as the interest in my work grows. This was always something that I started as a hobby and it remains so but I am always keen to improve and really do appreciate the feedback that I receiving.

Some of the highlights for me in this time have been:

* Having my first ever exclusive exhibition

* Being asked to photograph a wedding for friends

* Seeing canvases of my work hanging proudly in friends houses

* Becoming a member of the Edinburgh Photography Society, where I have learned a huge amount

* Obtaining Institute of Photography membership

* Achieving a Diploma in Photography

That is just some of the fun I have had whist doing this but the big thing for me is the interest that you have all taken in my work. From nothing, you've all contributed to over 4,300 web hits, over 200 Instagram followers and 375 dedicated Facebook likes. That for me shows that there is an ongoing interest in what I'm doing so that you all for that!

Just a last point, this picture is the first one I took that I am genuinely proud off and I'm hoping there are many more to come.


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