Advertising On Site

As part of the recent site redesign, I have chosen to partner with Google and offer advertising space.

This is a way of potentially increasing revenue but also, it has only been possible with the amount of traffic through the website.

It is not a decision I've taken lightly as I certainly don’t want to compromise on the integrity of the site but more importantly, I want you to enjoy the images rather than have products rammed down your throat. On the flip side of that, you may actually find some of the adverts of interest to you so this may be a more convenient experience for you.

Because of this delicate balance, I have attempted to have the advertising as non-invasive and it will only appear at the bottom of the page rather than be in your face.

As always, I welcome any feedback on the changes/developments I make to the site so if you have any comments, please get in touch at the 'Contacts' page.



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